Debut Sessions (#DSLive)
Debut Sessions (#DSLive)

Debut Sessions (#DSLive)


Signup HERE to attend #DSLive2 on Friday 26th February, 10am Applications from startups applying to pitch at #DSLive2, will be accepted up to 5pm, Wednesday 17th February (Apply HERE)


#DSLive is a virtual pitch initiative built for the entire tech community, with resources including the #DSOpenSource and #DSLiveContent If you’re a UK based startup formed in the last 18 months and raising your first round of funding, apply now for a chance to pitch at #DSLive2 πŸ‘‡


Register to Attend #DSLive2 (Feb)


The Debut Sessions will hold ~ 6 #DSLive events in 2021. Each #DSLive will see 5 startups, raising their first round of funding, pitch for a chance to win a Β£100k Term Sheet from Ascension Ventures. The #DSLive event is run by a group of 8 UK investors and also features Investor Moderator Rooms and Masterclass Sessions. It is open for anyone to attend. Join our Mailing List πŸ‘‡


#DSLive Event Dates

The #DSLive Selection

πŸ—“οΈ The Debut Sessions is aiming to host 6 #DSLive events in 2021, where (up to) 5 startups will be selected to pitch to hundreds of attendees for a chance to win a Β£100k Advanced Subscription Agreement ('ASA') from Ascension Ventures ✍️

🧐 4 startups will be selected by the DS Investors a week in advance of #DSLive (startups that have applied in the 2 months leading up to #DSLive)

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ 1 startup will be selected via the 'Community Vote' - to qualify for the Community Vote, an applicant must 'Opt In' to #DSOpenSource, where there application will be published on Twitter and Linkedin for the public to vote on

"The Debut Sessions vision is to democratise fundraising for pre-Seed startups through #DSLive, a live interactive environment powered by the community. The future of Demo Days will be online, interactive, open-sourced and free for anyone to attend, driven by the community via #DSOpenSource and social media."