A Live Pitch Competition
For UK Startups Raising Their 1st Round

The Debut Sessions is hosting a LIVE Christmas Pitch Competition, via virtual events platform, Hopin, on the 15th December, 10am-1pm

Open to the whole tech community to attend, the event will see 4 companies pitch to the Debut Sessions Investors, which will be streamed to thousands of attendees, followed by multiple interactive Session Rooms, including a ‘How to Pitch’ and ‘Term Sheet’ masterclass

The winner of the pitch competition will receive a Term Sheet from Ascension Ventures for a £100,000 SEIS investment ✍️

To see further details on the format and agenda, and to attend the event, click the ‘Register Attendance’ button above

Application Criteria

  • The company has been formed within the past 18 months and has a UK registered office
  • Raising up to a maximum of £750,000
  • Raised less than £100,000 to date
  • Focused on building the next generation of platforms and products improving work, life and health
  • (Optional) Product Demo (<1 minute)

Pitch Selection Process

The Community Choice (voted by YOU)

The fourth company pitching will be chosen by YOU via Twitter & Linkedin

How it works

When an application is submitted and ‘opt in’ selected, it will be automatically published on the Debut Sessions Twitter & Linkedin handles with the following information - Company URL, Company Twitter / Linkedin handle, 1 line summary, link to Deck (hosted on Airtable)

Part 1 - Voting System

Once published on Twitter / Linkedin, there will be a points system ranking the applications:

Twitter - 1 like = 1 vote & 1 retweet = 2 votes (total points / days listed = total points)

Linkedin - 1 like = 1 vote & 1 share = 2 votes (total points / days listed = total points)

Part 2 - Final Poll

The total points for each company will be collected and counted on Friday 4th of December, 12pm.

The top 4 will then be then entered into a Poll (hosted on the Debut Session Linkedin / Twitter) on Monday 7th December, with the Poll closing on Friday 11th December, 10am.

The Community Choice winner will be announced on Friday 11th December, 2pm.

The Debut Sessions' Choice

The Debut Sessions Team will select the remaining 3 companies to pitch.

The selections will be based on all of the applications (opt in and opt out) received between Tuesday 17th of November and Tuesday 8th December.

Any companies that have previously submitted an Application to Debut Sessions, can resubmit (assuming they haven’t outgrown the criteria).

The Debut Sessions' Choice finalists will be announced on Friday 11th December.

The Prize

  • The winner of the pitch competition will receive a Term Sheet* from Ascension Ventures for a £100,000 SEIS investment
  • The winner will be selected by the Debut Sessions Investors and announced on the Main Stage at the end of the The Debut Sessions Live Pitch Competition
  • *The Term Sheet is not a guarantee of investment and will be subject to qualifying for SEIS, passing due diligence and agreeing commercial terms (which will made publicly available)

How to Apply

  • Required
    Complete a short Typeform
  • Optional
    Record a product demo using Loom (<1 min) with an audio explainer
    and / or
  • Optional
    Record an elevator pitch (<1 min) explaining the background of the team, what you're building and what your big vision for the business is
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