You know we said we are on a mission to democratise Venture Capital (VC)... Well can we let you in to a little secret?

When we created Debut Sessions we felt passionately about the need to make the industry more open and inclusive. For founders, there was a clear barrier to access to those who worked in Venture - for advice, introductions to people/other funds and for investment.

Individuals wanting to make angel investments were also prohibited, due to the minimum cheque size averaging between £15,000 and £25,000. We launched the Debut Sessions Syndicate allowing people to invest for as little as £2,000.

People who brought top deals to funds were not rewarded for doing so and were not offered a stake in the future success of the company.

If you have followed our journey so far, you will know we are on a mission to change this...


Enter #DSCarry.

What is carry?

Carry (short for 'carried interest'), is the share of profits of an investment paid out to a fund at exit (normally through an IPO or acquisition). See this Carta document for more information on Carry.

Carry has traditionally been grouped with the other investments in a fund cycle. This means that if the performance of the portfolio is mixed, the detrimental performance of some companies will affect the success story of one.


What are we doing? 

Community has always been at the heart of Debut Sessions and with our carry scheme, we are allowing those who introduce companies which then win #DSLive, a stake in the future success of that business.

2.5% of the profits Ascension makes (at exit) will go directly to you, meaning that those who bring deals are properly incentivised for their work.

Possible Returns

Ascension SEIS Total InvestmentExit MultipleNet Exit Value (post hurdle and deal costs(1))Your Return

Before tax - Ascension SEIS Fund Investment only

As a reminder:

  • No upfront cost all you need to do is make the introduction
  • If the investment is successful and a return is realised, you will get 2.5% of our profits

In this first version of #DSCarry, we will only offer it to the person who delivers us the winner of #DSLive and then has a successful exit.

Get involved... you may be on to something very special 😉

Join us on September 30th for #DSLive4...bring deals, invest in any of the companies for just £2,000 or simply become part of the amazing #DSCommunity!

Our all-star panel on Angel Investing from #DSLive3
Our all-star panel on Angel Investing from #DSLive3

(1) Please refer to Ascension SEIS Information memorandum for information on deal costs