Criteria & Selection

Criteria & Selection

The #DSLive Criteria

📅 The startup has been formed within the past 18 months and has a UK registered office

💷 Raising up to a maximum of £1m

🌱 Raised less than £100,000 to date

🛠️ Focused on building the next generation of platforms and products improving work, life and health

📺 Product Demo (optional)

How to Apply to #DSLive

  1. Complete this short Typeform
  2. Record a product demo using Loom (< 1 min) with an audio explainer, AND/OR
  3. Record an elevator pitch (<1 min) explaining the background of the team, what you're building and what your big vision for the business is
  4. To feature on the #DSOpenSource and to participate in the 'Community Vote', select 'Opt In'